Nile Cruise Nebyt Dahabiya 06 Days/05 nights From Aswan to Esna

Cruise Itinerary

Day One:

Embarkation in Aswan and Lunch on board.

Visit the High Dam, the Old Dam and the unfinished obelisk, lying in ancient granite quarries of Aswan, and then proceed to Philae Temple

Dinner on board and Overnight at Aswan west bank.

Day Two:

Possibility for optional visit to Abu Simbel Temple

Breakfast on board

Visit Aswan Botanical Garden and Gharb Sohail village (Nubian Village)

After Lunch sailing to Herdiab Island (14H00)

Enjoying Tea time with the magnificent sunset during sailing

Dinner and overnight near Herdiab Island

Day Three:

Breakfast on board

Enjoying Herdiab island sandy beach which you can swim & enjoy the amazing nature

Lunch while sailing to KomOmbo

Visit temple of Kom Ombo dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek and the falcon-headed Horus the elder, god of the morning sun.

Sailing to Beshir Island.

BBQ Dinner at Beshir Island and Overnight.

Day Four:

Early sailing to Gabal el Silsila and breakfast on board while sailing.

Visit Gabal el Silsila and Sandstone quarries.

Lunch during sailing Edfu.

Dinner and overnight near Edfu.

Day Five:

Breakfast while sailing to Edfu.

Visit Edfu Temple, one of best preserved temples of Greco Roman era, that of Horus at Edfu, Experience the horse drawn carriage ride back and forth to the temple.

Lunch and sail to el Kab village

Visit el Kab temple.

Dinner on board and overnight on el Hegz Island (near Esna).

Day Six:

Breakfast on board while sailing Esna.

Disembarkation from Esna

Itineraries may be changed without prior notice due to navigational circumstances, may be in sequences but not in visits